Classic Nickelodeon Sightings - Updated

It would be very easy to list every movie and television show that every former Classic Nickelodeon star have been on, a simple trip to the Internet Movie Database website could tell you that however these sightings are different. These are the everyday little sightings that are just happened upon without ever trying to find them and that’s what makes them so special. So…listed here are those everyday sightings that I have personally stumbled upon.


Note: the “Crossover Actors” – This is for guests who have appeared on more than one Classic Nick program.


21 Jump Street – February 26, 1989

Episode – "The Dreaded Return of Russell Buckins"

Guest – Joseph Campanella – “Hunt Samperton”


            When an unflattering magazine article about the Jump Street program is published Hanson tracks down his old high school buddy Russell Buckins for a little revenge. When he finds him he is in another state trying to land the daughter of a rich man. Hanson decides that his revenge will be very simple; him makes a move on Russell’s new girlfriend!

·        Joseph Campanella – former host of “What Will They Think Of Next?” aka “Science International”



Anne of Green Gables Movie Series

Megan Follows as the title character “Anne Shirley”

·        Megan played “Jenny Tanner” on Matt and Jenny On The Wilderness Trail 1890.



Are You Being Served? – 1975

Episode – “The Hand of Fate”

Guest – Eric (Ric) Young – “Mr. Kato”


Mr. Humphries' palm reading skills are put to the test when Mr. Rumbold's position becomes available. Captain Peacock, Mrs. Slocomb and Mr. Grainger compete over his position. Believing he can foretell their futures in their hands, Mr. Humphries makes surprising predictions on behalf of each member of the staff.


·        Eric (Ric) made a guest appearance as “Lee Wan” in three episodes of the original 1970’s version of The Tomorrow People. The episodes were entitled “The Doomsday Men” – (1974)

·        Mr. Humphries also frequently mentions his Paddington Bear which was a cartoon that aired during “Pinwheel,” frequently noted as a “Pinwheel Cartoon.”



As Time Goes By – 1993

Episode – “Visiting Rocky”

            Jean and Lionel are sitting down for tea after an unsuccessful afternoon of rowing on the lake. Lionel is grouchy and complaining about all of the things he can’t do now that he’s older. He brings up running, jumping, etc then Jean mentions that he, “could spring like Zebadee.”


            Lionel asks who that is and Jean says, “Oh you know, Zebadee from “The Magic Roundabout”, it use to be Judy’s favorite when she was a child.” (Judy is her now grown daughter.) Then she goes on to explain how Zebadee springs around everywhere he goes.


·        Zebadee is one of the characters from The Magic Roundabout which was a stop-motion puppet show that aired during Pinwheel, aka “Pinwheel Cartoons”.


**INTERESTING NOTE** – Dame Judy Dench, who played Jean in As Time Goes By, later became the narrator for the movie “Doogle” which was based on the characters from “The Magic Roundabout”.



Crown for Christmas – 2015

Starring: Danica McKeller & Rupert Penny-Jones


A fired New York City maid reluctantly becomes the governess to a poorly behaved little girl who turns out to be European royalty. Before long the two form a strong bond, and the governess also grows close to the young princess’ engaged father. (Drama, 120 Minutes)


·        In less than ten minutes in as the New York City maid and her sister are leaving for work she gets into a snowball fight with a boy who is one of their neighbors. She throws a snow ball at him, runs off and yells out, “GOT YOU LAST!”

·        Later as she is leaving her home in New York that same boy picks up a snowball and throws it at the car and yells, “GOT YOU LAST!”

·        Why is that important? Because Plus & Minus, who were puppets on Pinwheel, use to play a game of tag and when they would tag each other they would say, “Got you last!”



Cupcake Wars – Food Network

Episode – “Tony Awards”

            Flash at the end of James Earl Jones at the Tony Awards Party

·        Mr. Jones was a character voice on “Vegetable Soup”.


Doctor Who

Bernard Cribbins as "Wilfred "Wilf" Mott"

He is the grandfather of the Tenth Doctor's companion Donna Noble,[2] and father of character Sylvia Noble.


 – 2008 series

 – The End of Time – Wilf later became the Tenth Doctor's final companion in The End of Time.


Mr. Cribbins also appeared in two Classic Nickelodeon programs:

·        1976 – Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings (Narrator)

·        1978 – The Water Babies – as “Masterman” and the Voice of Eel



Forrest Gump

In the movie Forrest Gump one edition of Curious George (one with a yellow cover but no other title than Curious George) is used as Forrest's favorite book, which his mother reads to him. In the opening scene a feather comes floating down to Forrest's feet and he stores it in this book. At the end of the film it falls out of the book and rises floating through the air again.

·        Curious George was a cartoon, which aired during Pinwheel, aka “Pinwheel Cartoons”.



Food Network Challenge – Food Network

Episode – Cartoon Cakes – 2006

Episode – Extreme Cakes

Both episodes featured bakers making Curious George cakes.

·        Curious George was a cartoon, which aired during Pinwheel, aka “Pinwheel Cartoons”.




 “Going Down To Liverpool” by The Bangles

Music video, (C) 1984 Sony BMG Music Entertainment features Leonard Nimoy as the cab driver.

·        Leonard Nimoy was the host of “Standby…Lights! Camera! Action!”



Home & Family - Talk & Home Information Show

            Marc Summers is a frequent guest and on November 11, 2016 the Home & Family cast participated in “physical challenges” to celebrate Double Dare’s 30th Anniversary. Footage of this may be seen on youtube recorded by me, host of this website.



Italian Job, The – 1969

Michael Standing as “Arthur”

·        Michael played “Ginge Harding” on the original 1970’s version of “The Tomorrow People”.



“I Love the 80’s” – VH1

1981 – You Can’t Do That On Television

1982 – Mr. Wizard’s World



Jack & the Beanstalk – 2010

Stars – Christopher Lloyd, Colin Ford

Modern-day reworking of the fairy tale charts the misadventures of a young student (Colin Ford) who trades his computer for a handful of magic beans that sprout a stalk, which he ascends to a wondrous world ruled by a giant (voiced by James Earl Jones)

·        Mr. Jones was a character voice on “Vegetable Soup”.



Jem (and the Holograms) – Animated Series

№ – 42

Title – "Trick or Techrat"

Writer – Misty Stewart-Taggart

Airdate –October 30, 1987


            The Holograms prepare for a Halloween concert by renovating an old opera house that soon becomes the site of mysterious happenings, including the disappearance of one of the foster girls. Featured Songs: "It's Fun to be Scared" - Jem and the Holograms, "Don't Look Now" - The Misfits, "We Can Change It" - Jem and the Holograms

·        One of the Starlight girls (foster girls) dresses up like Raggedy Ann for Halloween. “Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure” was a Nickelodeon Special Delivery.



Jingle All The Way – 1996

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman & Rita Wilson

·        In the toy parade are people dressed up like Gumby and Paddington Bear; both were part of the “Pinwheel Cartoons.”



Law & Order Criminal Intent

Episode – “D.A.W” – 2004

C.C. Lovehart – Dr. Edwin Lindgard’s secretary

While investigate the mysterious death of a hit-and-run incident Detectives Goren and Eames they learn the victim was searching for the whereabouts of her recently deceased mother's antique ring. As the clues come together their attention shifts to the victim’s mother's physician, Dr. Edwin Lindgard.

·        Ms. Loveheart was the first Coco the Mime on Pinwheel from 1979-1981



McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Annual Parade

Balloons and costumed characters: Curious George & Paddington Bear

·        Both of these characters were cartoon, which aired during Pinwheel, aka “Pinwheel Cartoons”.



Mystery Woman: Oh Baby – 2006 – Hallmark Channel

Kellie Martin & Clarence Williams III

Alex Piez – “Agent Ortiz”

            Samantha Kinsey puts her sleuthing skills to work looking for the missing parents of a baby left at her bookstore, and her snooping leads to an unsolved high-society murder. (Mystery & Suspense, 120 Mins.) 

·        Mr. Piez appeared in three Classic Nickelodeon Special Deliveries:

            - Alex and the Wonderful “Doo Wah” Lamp

            - Big Apple Birthday

           - Stowaway, The



Pretender, The

Jarrod, the titular character and protagonist from the NBC series "The Pretender", reads Curious George books in Season One and developed a fascination with them. He likened himself to George and Sydney Green, the psychiatrist whom he saw as a surrogate father, to the Man in the Yellow Hat.

·        Curious George was a cartoon, which aired during Pinwheel, aka “Pinwheel Cartoons”.



Sesame Street – 2011

Episode – "The Cookie Touch"

Segment – Elmo’s World: Mouths

Guest – Fred Newman – former host of “Livewire”

·        Cookie Monster’s Fairy Cookie Person gives him the “Cookie Touch”. So that everything he touches turns into a cookie. (Educational)


**INTERESTING NOTE** – George James, who played “Jake” on Pinwheel, is now a writer for Sesame Street.

There’s Something About Ben Stiller – 2001 – Biography Channel

A profile of comedian, writer and director Ben Stiller includes comments by parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara. (Biography, 60 Mins.)

·        Ben Stiller played “The Giant” on the Classic Nickelodeon Special Delivery – Clever Jack.



Tomorrow People, The – 2013 / 2014 – CW Network

An American science fiction television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer, and Julie Plec which aired on The CW during the 2013–14 American television season.[3][4][5] It was a remake of the original British television series of the same name, created by Roger Price, which ran from 1973–79. The series follows a group of young people who possess psionic powers as the result of human evolution.

·        Nicholas Young as Aldus Crick, a scientist who worked with Roger Price on researching the abilities of homo superior. He was killed by Ultra. Nicholas Young played John in the original 1973–1979 series.



To Sir With Love – 1967

Starring: Sidney Poitier & Judy Geeson

Christopher Chittell – “Potter” 

Nicholas Young – Random Student – very last scene


            Sidney Poitier plays a teacher of slum kinds in an inner city London high school who must deal with both social and racial issues in school.


·        Both Christopher Chittell and Nicholas Young later stared in the original 1970’s version of The Tomorrow People. Nick as “John Dixon” leader of the TP and Christopher as “Chris Harding”, brother of “Ginge Harding”.


Nick also reprised his role of “John Dixon” for a series of audio dramas for Big Finish Productions, which was the third incarnation of The Tomorrow People series. This format returned to the original concept and characters from the 1970’s version and ran from 2001 to 2007.




Crossover Actors


Graham Crowden

1972 – Special Delivery – The Amazing Mr. Blunden as “Mr. Clutterbug”

1973 – The Adventures of Black Beauty

– Episode – “Goodbye Beauty” as “Mr. Crevace”


Stephen Garlick

Adventures of Black Beauty – “Ned Lewis” (11 episodes, 1973-1974)

January 7–28,1976 – The Tomorrow People – Story Arc – "Into the Unknown" as “Kwaan”



Barry Linehan

1972 – The Adventures of Black Beauty – Episode – The Horsemen as “Mr. Oldfield”

March 26 – April 9, 1975 – The Tomorrow People

– Story Arc – "Worlds Away” as “The Veshtaker”



Reg Lye (1912 - March 23, 1988 (age 76)

1972 – Special Delivery – The Amazing Mr. Blunden as “Sexton”

1974 – The Adventures of Black Beauty – Episode – "A Ribbon For Beauty” as “George”

March 26 – April 9, 1975 – The Tomorrow People

– Story Arc – "Worlds Away” as as “Vanyon”