FAQs Regarding Classic Nickelodeon

What do you consider “classic”?

In my opinion there are two categories for the word “classic”, True Classics and New Classics. See the following definitions.


True Classics – Are the programs, which aired from 1979-1986/7, most 80’s children fall into this category.


80’s Children – Those of us who spent the majority of our teenage years growing up in the 80’s and were little kids in the 70’s.


New Classics – Are the programs, which aired from the very late 1980’s – the middle or end of the 1990’s, most 90’s kids fall into this category.


90’s Kids – People who fall into this category were little kids in the 80’s and spent the majority of their teenage years in the 90’s.


If this is an “80’s” fan club then what about the ‘90’s kids’?

Since I myself am 80’s child I can’t tell you about the 90’s kids except to say that if you think our club is a good idea then I would like to encourage you to start a 90’s club for all of you.


How did you get started doing this?

Just by doing it. This is the first event I’ve ever planned anything like this and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing so please bear with me! And if you have ANY advice please email and let me know!!!


How did you find so many Classic Nickelodeon shows on video and DVD?

That took a lot of time and hard work pouring over eBay, iOffer and making contacts who led me to other contacts from whom I purchased certain programs.


Are you affiliated with either the Nickelodeon Network or with any of the stars?

Other than chatting with Marty and speaking to an official Nickelodeon Network representative about the fan meet that I had planned no I am not I’m just a fan like you however I am going to try and contact the Nickelodeon Network to see if I can make this an “official” fan club.


Do you have any of the star’s emails or addresses and would you give it to me so that I can write to them?

I have a few but they are private and I will not betray their trust by giving them out.